Throw back Friday?

Ok I missed throwback Thursday this week, I was tied up with work and could not get it done.

So better late then never?

One of the first assignments I did for 435 South Magazine in Kansas City (Overland Park), was to shoot a small session of Chris Fritz, Chris is a very busy CEO and had little time for the session already, so the pressure was on to get the shot and get him back to work.

The venue was Verizon amphitheater ( his company books the events for this venue) and come session day it was raining like crazy, not a good way to start. I arrived early and set up the shots so when Chris arrived I could have stuff ready to go. We got lucky and the rain stopped minutes before he arrived, I ran him through a few poses and just like that he was gone and I have the whole place to myself with instructions to lock the gate when I leave.

The session went off with no problems, the spread in the magazine was short and clean, all was good!c-fritz

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