What we do:

Greenbox photography offers professional photography to:

Family (even four legged family members), Models, Pets, Senior photos, Corporate, Product, Nature, Stock Imagery and specializing in Action Sports like Kayaking, Rock Climbing, Skateboard, BMX and Equestrian.

Greenbox also has a stylist/make up artist, two photo assistants and 2nd shooter on staff. We have the staff to fit your needs!

What to expect from a photo session:

Each client brings something different to the session, I try my best to fill your expectations for your photo session, be it a pose, a prop or location. Along the way I will take many photos. Some of these photos will make it to your gallery, some will not. The photos that do not make the gallery are discarded.

After the session I go over the photos, and the post process begins, this sometimes can take a week or longer based on the current log of sessions in the line up. I then post the completed photos (usually around 15-20 photos) to the Greenbox web site and allow you to choose what you like from that session. A CD of images can be purchased at a fixed price for all the photos from that gallery.  individual digital files can also be purchased from that session. Both the individual digital images and the CD can be purchased through me.

We strive to make your session and post session experience the best we can and accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.

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