Rebuilding process

The Greenbox Photography web site looks a little empty right now, we are currently in a rebuilding phase and the process may take a bit of time to complete.

We have a new site hosting service and during the transfer of data the photos did not upload to the new server. so I will be going through and populating those this next few weeks.

Before I go I want to express a big thank you to Josh at Slingshot creative here in Rogersville, he has been instrumental in helping me (doing all the work) transfer my data. Not only is Josh a super talented sign maker he knows IT very well and is an asset to small business persons like myself.

The photo below is one my favorite places to do urban photography. It is in Kansas City, Mo and in an area of town that is a run down, but yet here is an old structure that can be a place of art. pretty neat!


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