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Prices! Lets keep it simple. I offer a $75.00 sitting fee, this covers my cost to take and edit the photos then you purchase ONLY what you want! No packages of crazy sizes you don’t want, just low priced prints in the sizes you want. How is that for simple? People often pause here to ask how come my rates are so low, and they think of the old saying you get what you pay for. I want to tell you that photography does not have to be expensive. My location overhead is low, I don’t (but can) print photos in house so I have no inventory to pay for. This allows me to be affordable and pass the savings on to you.  I also don’t like packages, I remember my parents wondering what they where going to do with odd size prints they got in packages from our family sessions when I was a kid and how we had a desk drawer filled with unused wallet sized photos. So I vowed to keep packages out of my business practice!

Sitting fee with 1 location: $ 75.00 for first hour, $ 35.00 each half hour after the first hour.  Max of 4 people in session, each additional person (or pet), individually photographed add $20.00.  Most sessions can be completed within 1 hour!*

For additional locations beyond original shooting location, a small mileage fee will be added to the total bill.

For groups larger than four people, additional fees will be incurred.

Session fee is due at time of service. Payment can be cash or credit card.

Prints: We can offer packages like most photographers, but we feel that if you are on a tight budget then you should be able to buy only what you want or need. With Greenbox photography you can buy as few or as many prints as you want, in the sizes you want!

We offer prints on three different paper stocks, as well as Canvas Wraps and Metal Prints – just to name a few!

Sitting, location and mileage fees will need to be paid for at time of service.

Images on CD or Flash drive: yes I offer images on CD. I will included a limited use agreement with that CD stating that the photos are not be resold or for commercial use, if you need corporate photography please see my Corporate page. All CD’s will be sold as is, in as much as once I hand you the file you will choose your own printer. Printing quality outside of professional labs, Such as Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, etc, can vary wildly, I can not guarantee any quality of printing from printer to printer, or that the images on the CD will meet their requirements for printing. All images are in JPG format, the same format that I have posted on my web site and the same file sizes that my lab of choice uses for their printing process. CD rate’s are $300.00

Current Market rates (09-01-12) for luster prints: 4×6 -$ 3.99. 5×7 – $7.99, and 8×10 – $11.99. These are the three most popular sizes and paper ordered. Other print sizes and papers will very in price. Email us if you need a complete price list, or browse other galleries, using the shopping cart, for more information.


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* Setting clock time begins at set up and ends after breakdown

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