That is a wrap!

Finished up a wedding session today with the final edits. I will say that my estimate of how long it would take me to edit all the photos was way off and my turn around was two weeks longer then I had planned. sorry to the wedding couple about that!

I had a lot of fun with this couple and the wedding venue was amazing, We had some awesome scenery and back drops to work into the photos. good times!


still exciting

Sime of you may know that I have been a magazine photographer for many years, my first work in Photography was in the publication real with Kansas Magazine.

Since that time I have built a list of publications that I have worked for and work with, currently I do a lot of work with Fire Chief magazine and I really enjoy what they are about and what they do.

On Dec 20th the winter issue of Fire Chief will be out and I have landed some nice spots within the publication. 4 photos total and all of Local fire people, including this cover shot with Chief Hall of the Springfield fire department.

After all these years of shooting for magazines I still find it exciting to see my work in use, it makes my job not feel like a job and something that I look forward to.chief-hall001

Christmas card time

It is time to get those photos taken for your Christmas cards. Call and book your appointment right away to hold your slot as spaces are being taken quickly this year.

I have two back drops and one set this year in the studio and of course if it is nice outside we can venture outdoors.

The session will be a quick as I know we all are busy, and you will get all the files digitally so you can have those cards printed and emailed out to your family.

Here is a preview of the big set

Rebuilding process

The Greenbox Photography web site looks a little empty right now, we are currently in a rebuilding phase and the process may take a bit of time to complete.

We have a new site hosting service and during the transfer of data the photos did not upload to the new server. so I will be going through and populating those this next few weeks.

Before I go I want to express a big thank you to Josh at Slingshot creative here in Rogersville, he has been instrumental in helping me (doing all the work) transfer my data. Not only is Josh a super talented sign maker he knows IT very well and is an asset to small business persons like myself.

The photo below is one my favorite places to do urban photography. It is in Kansas City, Mo and in an area of town that is a run down, but yet here is an old structure that can be a place of art. pretty neat!


Family time

I had a family session the other day, turns out that not all the family members where available at the time of the session but 11 people showed up! Yep, 11….

Larger groups present many challenges, Someone seems to be always looking away or has their eyes closed, Little kids tend to drift and just go with the flow of the wind and getting the people into comfortable and natural looking poses takes time.

All in all, even though large groups can be a challenge we still had a quick flowing session that went really well.

Good times!Vogt family

Throw back Friday?

Ok I missed throwback Thursday this week, I was tied up with work and could not get it done.

So better late then never?

One of the first assignments I did for 435 South Magazine in Kansas City (Overland Park), was to shoot a small session of Chris Fritz, Chris is a very busy CEO and had little time for the session already, so the pressure was on to get the shot and get him back to work.

The venue was Verizon amphitheater ( his company books the events for this venue) and come session day it was raining like crazy, not a good way to start. I arrived early and set up the shots so when Chris arrived I could have stuff ready to go. We got lucky and the rain stopped minutes before he arrived, I ran him through a few poses and just like that he was gone and I have the whole place to myself with instructions to lock the gate when I leave.

The session went off with no problems, the spread in the magazine was short and clean, all was good!c-fritz

I heard it is Christmas time.

Well, I heard it was time to get your Christmas card photos going.  I have a love hate for this season as I like to wait for Christmas to be Christmas but due to process times for photography and then print plus shipping Christmas for me comes all to soon.

Yes folks it is time to get your Christmas card photo’s taken. I will be working on the Christmas set in the studio this week. Be sure to get on the books soon so you have enough time to choose a card that you like, have it printed and mailed out to your friends and family.

Merry Christmas!img_6853

Soccer season

I got to work with some really fun kids Last Friday. I really enjoy watching kids at play, so care free and silly. I wish we all could still be so care free and silly because some days I really just don’t like being an adult and having to worry about stuff like hot water heaters, car tires and mowing the lawn just to name a few things.

Anyway… I guess I get a good laugh from the kids and they brighten my day!Rogersville Soccer

9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

I am very lucky, I get asked to cover some really cool stuff. Chief Whitney Weaver with the Nixa Fire department had me come down to cover this incredible event. If you have never been to a stair climb then you need to go and find out what it is all about!

I will leave you with this photo of Chief Dennis Reynolds of the Battlefield fire department, He is honoring another Chief that was killed in the line of duty on 9/11. 9/11 stair climb

Fence family

I was called last week to come out and update some photos for a long time client of mine Ozark Fence.  Ozark Fence is building a new web site and wanted to increase their social media portfolio with some new imagery so I went to their office and inventory yard for some photos.

Using the cedar pickets as a back drop we came up with some grate photos that not only displayed the product they sell but added some depth to their headshots. To make sure we brand their product I added one of their metal fence signs to the back ground and even though I placed it into a softer focus it still drives the name Ozark Fence to the customer.

Here is the original owner of Ozark fence, he started the company 60 years ago and the business has since transferred to his son and now to his Grandson. What an achievement to have built and sustained the business all these years. Ozark Fence

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