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Having a professional headshot can show confidence and a strong presence in your business.  Your image is often the representation of you and your business.  You often use your image on media kits, online social media sites, your business cards or more, all the more reason you want the best photo you can have.  The image used on social media is often referred to as your 1st business handshake, don’t let a bad image represent you!

Greenbox photography specializes in obtaining that image for you and at rate that even the smallest of company’s can afford.

Typical head shot sessions last less then one hour, this provides time for you to get back to your work. During the session we will take many images and you can choose one or many of the photos from that session.

Fees:$ 200.00 One Hour session fee, this covers 1 person, if more then one person is to be photographed with same backdrop, add $35.00 extra for each additional person in the session, this sitting fee includes post- process time for touch up at photographers discretion (teeth whiting’s, age spots removed etc.) All images will be delivered on CD or flash drive.

Rush orders of same day service are available. Min $100 fee applies to rush order.

For sessions that last more then 1 hour add an additional $25.00 per every half hour after the first hour.

Group shots are also available, for groups larger then four call for rates as the complexity of groups shots can call for extra gear and time so rates are based on size and location of shoot.




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